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Total Clips of the Heart

Have you heard of Clips yet? No, not Clipse, the iconic Hip Hop duo – you don’t want to get us on a tangent about the musical perfection of the song, Grindin’.

Clips is the new mobile photo and video editing app from Apple, and it’s about to change the game. You must be thinking, “Ugh, another photo and video sharing app?!. Think again! Clips is for quickly creating (super-good looking) visual content you can upload to other apps, like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Yes, there are emojis, geotags, and filters, but what’s extra cool is the automatic subtitling and a widget that adds tunes from Apple Music. You know what that means? You can make more technical and creative vids – in a flash! Think of the possibilities!

Today’s Read shows you how to use this exciting new app and dives into what it means for social engagement – a vital part of content marketing. Will it be love at first clips? Find out for yourself.


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