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Traffic Control Freak

Stumbled across the Marketing Secrets Podcast this morning (Originally called “Marketing in Your Car“) and totally judged Russel Brunson due to his open-collared baggy club shirt and consistent overuse of the term “Click Funnels”, but he referenced Gary Vee and we decided to give him a shot.

After the initial not-so-subtle sales pitch, he does highlight a valuable point: The need to understand the difference between controlled traffic, owned traffic, and uncontrolled traffic.

  • Controlled Traffic: Zuck owns Facebook but you can buy an ad and control traffic coming from Facebook to your website.
  • Owned Traffic: You drive people from a controlled traffic source to an email capture on a landing page. Now the traffic from your email list becomes owned traffic.
  • Uncontrolled Traffic: SEO, PR, etc.

Key Takeaway: Brunson discusses how you can leverage your email list to organically promote and amplify content on platforms like Youtube where technically you don’t own the traffic.

Tune in around 12 minutes, get the goods, and bounce!


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