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Transitioning To Remote Work: A Practical Guide

How’s our fam doing? We get this working from home thing isn’t a walk in the park. We’re checking in to make sure y’all are armed with the best to get you through this temporary, new norm. 

How do you plan & succeed as a remote worker? Woven has an extensive guide to make sure that your team is set up to plan and schedule remote meetings effectively. Let’s begin.

  • Take control of your time. Become the time master – what you do with it, where you spend it, and how you schedule it. Because if you don’t schedule your time intentionally – someone else will do it for you and it might not lead to a day, week, or life that you like.
    • Recurring events – are time goals being optimized here?
    • Impromptu meetings – Use time blocks or scheduling links to protect your time
    • Morning time is no-meeting, focus time. 
  • Over-communicate everything. No office means, zero chance of casually passing along info from desk to desk. Be intentional about what and how you communicate.
  • Use the Remote Work Trinity. These three tools make it easier than ever to work independent of your location. 
    • Slack for asynchronous communication 
    • Zoom for video conferencing 
    • Woven for team scheduling
  • Upgrade your workstation. Treat yo-self fam, and make sure your home setup rivals the one you had at work. If you’re starting from scratch, here are a few things to get you going:

Click through to get the remaining 3 tips and resources from Woven to maintain a rock-solid work from home schedule plus 2 bonus helpful guides to upgrade your desk setup.


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