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Trends are Your Friends: Video Responses to Social Media Trends

We’re not saying you gotta hop on every bandwagon. In fact, some trends should be avoided at all costs for some brands. It all depends on what you got and what trend could be relevant to your brand. That being said, if you aren’t paying attention, you could be missing out on amazing opportunities.

Some places you should be tracking trends: Tik Tok Challenges, memes (all social media channels are gonna have these), YouTube, Twitter trending, Quora questions, and Subreddits.

The idea isn’t to directly copy any of these. The idea is that relating to them will in turn be relatable to your audience that is likely consuming the same content and culture. And since visual content is more noticeable, here are some tips if you make video responses based on a trending topic:

  1. Flash me your brand: Many factors go into creating a successful post and few creators make it past 3 seconds, so at least getting your brand in there is a better chance to them making it to your call to action.
  2. It’s all about you: The word “you” in the first 5 seconds of a video increases views by 66%. People like knowing it’s all about them!
  3. Captions should be a given: More and more people watch videos with the sound off for the sake of convenience and privacy. Accessibility is also a huge plus!
  4. The Remix: Making shorter versions of something can never hurt, especially if you only have so much time to grab someone’s attention.

Trends are useful for insights about what people like. Check out the full Business 2 Community article for more ideas on how to take advantage of them!


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