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Twitter trending topics: How they work and how to use them

Twitter trending topics are enough to make your heart skip a beat. Though oftentimes the news is positive, trends can sometimes confirm our worst fears. Just a few weeks ago we saw skinny jeans trending and not for any reason we wanted. Don’t even get us started on the mass panic whenever Tom Hanks surfaces in the trending section.

Trending topics on Twitter are incredibly useful. Not only do they help us stay current on the latest news and pop culture phenomena, but they also provide information we can use to market brands, improve campaigns, and connect with audiences. Sprout Social is highlighting how Twitter trending topics work and how to use them.

How Twitter trending topics work.

In a nutshell, Twitter’s algorithm will display hot topics people are talking about right now. The latest trends will always take priority, but what you’ll see is partially tailored to the people you follow and the niches they occupy. You can personalize trends based on location as well. Also, if the highlighted trending topics aren’t helpful to you, then search a topic or hashtag or subscribe to specific topics to get more targeted info.

How can marketers strategically leverage Twitter trends?

  • Understand audience sentiment around major topics. When people talk about your brand or products, you’ll want to know if what they’re saying is good or bad. Positive sentiment can help inspire future campaigns while negative sentiment can alert you about a change you need to make.
  • Use hashtags to join the conversation. Insert your brand where it makes sense. You don’t need to use hashtags for every trending topic to stay relevant. Just stay on top of what is pertinent to you.
  • Use Twitter Promoted Trends for a paid marketing solution. You can run an ad right within the trending section. This is a great way to get people talking about a new product or campaign.

See the full scoop for more ways to utilize trends.


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