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Under Armour Goes A-Rye

Under Armour founder and billionaire Kevin Plank has sniffed out his audience’s growing appetite for whiskey, and he wants to do it better than anyone has ever done it before. (That is, until Nike gets a whiff.)

How does a new brand gain the needed history to run with the greats? For starters, they might want to buy an American horse breeding farm established in 1925 and name their whiskey after it.

In 2007, Plank did just that. He purchased the Sagamore Farm that once belonged to the Vanderbilt Family, thus giving birth to Sagamore Spirits.

Acquiring an old company for their heritage and re-branding is something brands like Filson and Shinola have done well. Today’s video shows just how Sagamore Spirits plan to revive Maryland’s rye whiskey heritage.


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