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Understand the Most Recent IG and FB Updates

When it comes to keeping up with the Kardashians.. oh wait, no, we mean keeping up with Facebook and Instagram updates, our friends at AdEspresso has it covered!

Top Instagram Updates

  • Support Requests – gives the current status of submitted reports. If you reported any post as against IG’s guidelines, you’ll find it here along with actions that may have been taken.
  • Request a Review – you now have the ability to appeal decisions made on content you’ve reported.
  • IGTV monetization – aka ads are coming to IGTV. This feature is still in the testing phase but is beginning to roll out to a selective group.
  • Share to IGTV – your opportunity to share Live streams directly to IGTV at a click of a button. This feature is also still in the testing phase.
  • Latest Post – It will be a pop-up displayed over a user’s main feed ensuring you never miss a post. This feature is still in the baby development stages.

Top Facebook Updates

  • Facebook announced possible delays and errors in ad reviews. Be prepared for delay by creating ads and submitting them for approval long before you actually need them in case you need to adjust.
  • Facebook banned any ads and commerce listings that seek to capitalize on fears related to the virus. This is really about preventing exploitation.
  • Facebook is currently testing new features to reduce misinformation about the virus on both WhatsApp and Messenger.
  • “Mood” mode for FB Stories – users can create a GIF-centric frame for their Stories. Brands use them to explain their feelings or excitement about an announcement of a new product or a share of a customer review.
  • New design for Messenger – this update gets rid of the in-app Discover section leaving behind “Chats” and “People” as the main navigation options.
  • 3D photos feature – This is straight-up cool. FB will have a feature that’s turn static, 2D pics into superior 3D photos making them more attention-grabbing in the feed

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