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Understanding the Facebook & Instagram Algorithms

We’ve got a familiar topic today about the (in)famous algorithms that rule the big social platforms. But, there are some unfamiliar tips in today’s Listen that will help you increase the organic reach of your posts on both Facebook & Instagram.

Tons to cover so let’s get to it:

  • (1:37) Engagement — Both the good ‘book and the ‘gram show your fresh post to a small audience of your followers. If they engage, then more of your audience gets to see it. But, here’s a new feature: on FB, if your posts aren’t getting a ton of engagement, you’re going to start seeing bundled posts, which will lump all of your posts together. Not great.
  • (4:04) Relevancy — This one’s straightforward. The platforms rank posts based on what they think you’re interested in.
  • (5:13) Relationships — Both IG and FB focus on posts from friends and families first. Pretty obvious, but this means that word-of-mouth is still vital for brands on Facebook.
  • (6:24) Timeliness — Even with the algorithms doing sorting and ranking, the timing of your posts still matters. You should still be trying to post when more of your audience is online.
  • (8:17) Searches — If users are regularly searching for a specific brand, both platforms are going to organically serve up those brands’ content more often.
  • (9:32) Shares — This might be the most important ranking factor for the algorithms. Sharing something is wayyyyy more meaningful than just clicking that thumbs-up.
  • (11:02) Time Spent — This means the amount of time that a user spends looking at a post. More time spent = a higher ranking.

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