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Updating Content for SEO: How to Teach Your Old Blog New Tricks (plus, 3 examples with ranking data)

If only marketing could be a “set it and forget it” kind of deal. A one-time, easy process then bang; sales. Contrary to some client’s beliefs, marketing doesn’t work that way.

In the same way appliances need maintenance and upkeep, so do all marketing efforts including blog posts. When well-oiled your blogs can work for you. Revisit existing blog posts and add quality, updated info to get the most out of your content.

Orbit Media talks all about updating content for SEO and how to teach your old blog new tricks.

Why Do It?

  • Content has already been vetted
  • You’ve done much of the leg work so no hours of research
  • Backlinks and authority has been built up, which is good for ranking

Where to Start?

No need to start at square one with a blog piece you wrote in 2012. Here’s how Orbit Media suggests choosing which pieces to update.

  • Articles that almost rank high and need a boost
  • Articles that created a lot of buzz but have stalled out
  • Out of date research articles

What to Update?

You can either add light touches to an existing post or do a complete overhaul. Build right off of your strengths.

  • Simple: new headline and same URL
  • Simple: check on and look for more relevant links
  • Simple: add relevant keywords or phrases.
  • Complex: update research, data points, or dates
  • Complex: break up text with fresh images and diagram
  • Complex: look for influencers to collaborate with

What to Do After?

When you update your blog think of it as recycling that URL. If you’ve earned a good deal of authority with backlinks to your post, don’t change your URL when you update. This is because those links back to you will remain and deliver people to your updated, and now more relevant, article.

Orbit Media has the tips for revisiting your blog and much more.


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