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How To Use Storytelling Frameworks To Create More Persuasive Content  

“Storytelling” in marketing is thrown around so much these days that most marketers brush it off as a buzzword. But when harnessed strategically, the storytelling process can point you on a clear path towards leads and ROI. Mmmmm ROI…

And that’s just what today’s Listen is going to show you. Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and super savvy content marketer.  Via the Actionable Marketing Podcast, he’s sharing the scalable storytelling process he’s created that helps startups reach $1M revenue. 

Kyle breaks down two fundamental frameworks that content marketers can use to be persuasive and maximize helpfulness—making their target audience know, like, and trust them.

  • (02:00) How Kyle helps entrepreneurs create a powerful storyline for their business that drives sales, growth, and engagement.
  • (02:25) The 3 steps of Kyle’s Scalable Storytelling Process: 1) Discover; 2) Define; 3) Delegate
  • (04:00) The Story Engine
  • (06:00) How he transformed the process of working with writers from back-and-forth writing and rewriting to a scalable, machine-driven process
  • (07:20) His favorite framework, which combines “The Hero’s Journey” storytelling formula with “The Buyer’s Journey” 
  • (08:00) The similarities between The Hero’s Journey and The Buyer’s Journey that allows you to tell a clean story when you combine the two
  • (16:30) The 3 stages of identifying and understanding customers: 1) Know; 2) Like; 3) Trust 
  • (17:35) Why would shouldn’t focus only on your customers’ demographics, but also on their mindset
  • (21:20) The idea that you’re not merely presenting a solution to your customer’s problem, but helping them believe that you can actually accomplish it
  • (21:35) Why you need to be creating content for each stage of the buyer’s journey and how to do it: 
    • Know Stage: Use short content, social media posts, inspirational videos, and quick tips to grab their attention and generate awareness
    • Like Stage: Use big, epic posts and detailed guides to educate and empower customers
    • Trust Stage: Use Webinars and success stories that focus on the customer as the hero
  • (23:40) How storytelling can feel like a buzzword and ways to make sure it’s more tactical, with a clear path to real business value
  • (24:15) What kind of ROI has Kyle seen from his storytelling process
  • (27:10) Advice on where and how to start with your scalable storytelling process 

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