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Using Memes for Marketing

Memes are funny, entertaining, easy to consume, and usually relatable. That’s a perfect storm for content. They are great for making light jokes or getting a point across.

Memes have evolved heavily over the years from static images to speaking with GIFs or TikTok video memes. So how exactly can brands capture this format for themselves? Let’s dive in.

Tips for Meme Marketing

  1. Know Your Audience: Make memes that’ll appeal to your followers, as well as the ones you want to gain. While not all brands should post memes, if you’re targeting millennials or Gen Z, it’s a solid format to include in your content plans.
  2. Add Originality to Popular Memes: Yes, memes can be funny. But don’t forget that meme marketing is for brand awareness. Use recognizable memes in a way that puts your brand in the forefront.
  3. Keep Up with What’s Trending: A huge part of meme culture is current events. You have to be timely, especially on Twitter, if you want to be a leader in the meme game.

World class memes aren’t going to happen overnight. You have to do your research and play around. Don’t be afraid to get weird with it every now and again (we’re looking at you, Denny’s). But be sure to use them sparingly with your other content.

Check out this full blog post by Shane Baker for more meme tips and examples from brands.

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