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Using Mixed Reality, AR, & VR for Businesses

So, the Metaverse is coming in hot and heavy, more experiences are becoming virtual, and brands are going to have to get with the programming. Here’s how you can leverage these new technologies for your business.

What’s the difference between AR, VR, & Mixed Reality?

  • Augmented Reality (AR): This is about having virtual objects in real-world experiences but there is no interaction between real-world and virtual objects.
  • Virtual Reality (VR): This is made up of virtual objects in virtual environments like offices, classrooms, conferences, even whole worlds (usually in the hopes of a majorly overtaking the senses).
  • Mixed Reality: The name speaks for itself where real-world objects and virtual objects together. 

Well how do you use it?

Once companies get over the novelty and “toy” perspective of AR/VR, they can begin to consider it a serious investment to their business model. Here are some examples to take advantage of these technologies:

  • Thinking outside of the box for presentations, pitches, and demos.
  • Enhanced customer experiences, especially in retail, for pre-customers or existing clientele.
  • Not to be confused with a toy, AR/VR are great tools for gamification in employee engagement or loyalty programs.

For more industry-specific examples and technology resources for reality technologies, check out the full Forbes article.


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