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Using Psychology in Marketing: 7 Psychological Hacks for Email Marketing

You voted and we will accommodate. Pencils at the ready because there’s no time to waste! Sendpulse is teaching us how to use psychological tactics to make marketing emails more effective.

1. Social proof. This top psychological strategy offers social consensus that your product/service is used, trusted, and loved by a wide audience. From a marketing standpoint think of customer testimonials, user-generated content, influencer endorsements, and so on.

Sendpulse highlights a brilliant email from Nike that showcases an endorsement and sense of community.

2. Framing. Show off your good side. This strategy is about building on brand’s strengths like an individual would in an interview.

Take Netflix for example. In its re-engagement email, Netflix has one, bold CTA paired with a value reminder.

3. Exclusivity. Think gold. Make your brand so desirable and rare that people put a value on the scarcity of it. How, you ask? Well, you could offer special editions, exclusive experiences, or limited-time discounts.

Famous Footwear sent out an email with the subject line, “Rewards Member Exclusive! Enter for a trip to NYC.”

4. Fear of missing out. Similar to exclusivity, FOMO creates hype and draws people in using emotion and urgency. In emails, you can insert a countdown timer for events or special sales. Be like Bose and remember not to be pushy about it though.

5. Reciprocity. You provide value to customers and they buy from you. It’s the back-scratching strategy. Reciprocity is a success when customer relationships begin with positivity and goodwill.

One way to do this is by offering a freebie in trade for an email address like The Black Tux offers a free trial of their service to new subscribers.

Two more tactics from Sendpulse left to check out!


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