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Using Video to Drive Traffic and Increase Conversions

Alright, alright…you already know that video is a really important piece in your marketing strategy. But, like, how do you actually use video? That’s what today’s Listen, with video-expert Chris Savage, is here to help you with. We’re gonna dive right in because there’s a lot to cover.

Note: this podcast player counts down instead of up so our timestamps go in reverse today. Weird, but it’ll make sense when you’re listening.

The fun starts at 34:03.

  • (30:30) Blue Leads, a marketing agency, increased their close rate by 80% (damn!) when they created a personalized video to introduce prospects to the team members who they’ll be working with.
  • (26:13) Wistia uses targeted video to get in front of prospects and make their name known to companies who don’t know them. Here’s an example of one they created for Slack. Notice that it’s simple, gives love to Slack, and doesn’t sell at all.
  • (19:15) The biggest video fail: Don’t create a video that explains how great your company is. No one cares about you announcing your own success. And don’t attempt to create a video in which the only goal is to go viral.
  • (17:26) You should consider video over other forms of content because video is the most emotional. It’s harder to be genuine on video, which is a good thing. That means if you are actually genuine, your customers and prospects will feel that.
  • (14:32) Before you invest in video, start with a proof of concept video on your iPhone. From there, send it to someone and see how they react. You don’t need to engage with expensive outside firms to create videos.
  • (6:55) Using videos in your cold emails can be extremely successful.

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