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Vidico – high-return video content + ads


Video content is known to increase your engagement and brand visibility. Video ads rule because they can bring results like these:

  • Bailey Nelson’s got a 3,617% increase in Google Search lift.
  • Wisr generated 10,000 app downloads from a single video.
  • Cascade got 375,000+ views, 5.8k hours of watch time, and an average view time 56s out of 60s.

How did they do it? With Vidico!

Vidico is a video production company that produces stellar video content and animation. They have created content for companies like Vimeo, Spotify, Digital Ocean, and Square. See for yourself and check out their massive library of examples.

How much is a video? Take the free VidiFit Quiz to determine the type of video, creative direction, length, and budget, in minutes.


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