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We Love Instagram Stories. Here are 20 Tricks and Features.

Y’all, who doesn’t love a good story? We’re immediately drawn into fictional tales of adventure and inspiring true recollections. It doesn’t matter if it’s around the campfire, within the pages of a book, or on-screen. A great story captivates us.

Anyone can be a storyteller. And building your audience has never been easier. It’s no wonder so many social media channels have dedicated “Stories” features within them. Kicking off this week is Hootsuite with Instagram Story hacks: 20 tricks and features you should know.

  • Fill the background with a solid color. Everything has its defaults. From our choice of breakfast foods to the standard gradient on Instagram Stories. Hit that draw icon and color the screen any way you’d like. Change it up and add some variety to your Stories.
  • Create a “revealing” story series. The magic is in the reveal. Color over the image you wish to share. Then erase a little bit of the paint, revealing part of the image underneath. Save the image to your camera roll. Keep erasing portions and saving the increasingly-revealed image. Then post the reveal sequence to your Story.
  • Hide hashtags and @mentions. Sometimes you just don’t want any clutter, but you still need the mentions. Start your story with hashtags and mentions. Then hit the sticker button. Find your camera roll in the sticker viewer and select the image you want to share. Enlarge the image so it obscures your #s and @s. Voila!
  • Express yourself with even more fonts. More fonts are available than you may realize if you know where to look. Paste in fonts from Instagram Font Generator (check out our Tools section for more info), or design your Story in Photoshop and enjoy a vast font collection. However, our design team says, “don’t go crazy there, chief.”

There’s more to the story, so keep reading for more tricks and detailed how-tos.


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