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Web design is about more than just looks [Interview]

Whoa, the webpage design interview beat out the food subscription article by twenty votes! And we gotta say, we were a bit surprised. Anyway, here is a link to “6 Food Subscription Box Marketing Tactics that Any Business Can Use” in case you want to check it out yourself.

Impact interviewed their senior UX Designer to help debunk all those misconceptions with webpage design. We’re diving straight in with the highpoints of this awesome interview.

  • Design is about more than aesthetics. There’s a deeper strategy in designing a site than the pretty aesthetics your eyes see like user experience, user interaction, content interpretation and call to actions. Pretty is nice, but functionality pays off.
  • Your homepage is not your only point of entry. Take a holistic approach to your site. Design your website like it could be the first piece that someone interacts with. Ask yourself – Will a newbie understand the business if they come in on a page other than the homepage? Do you take new visitors on a clear journey throughout your site?
  • How clients can help the design process. Step one is setting up a brainstorming session and encourage the client to bring inspiration or example sites.
  • How to handle fresh design trends. Trends are tricky because they come and go. Focus on being clear and concise with a great experience for your audience. The last thing you want is to invest a lot for a new, trendy site only for the trend to be distasteful in 3 months.
  • Beware of this dated design element. Good grief, stop with the long shadow illustration – aka the icons with really long shadows.
  • Timeless elements to take advantage of. Heavy, bold typography is being used to help communicate headers and other important ideas that create a hierarchy. Doing this guides visitors through the pages on your site and communicates messaging clearly. Another element here to stay is utilizing white space.

Catch the full interview by clicking through!


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