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We’re Rooting for You, Kevin!

Get it?? ‘Cause carrots are a root vegetable?? 

Anyway… Remember Kevin the Carrot from Aldi’s 2016 holiday ad? He became a vitamin-A-list star (ba-dum-ching), beating out several other carrots for the part. Yeah…Aldi really ran with their new mascot, and for good reason. They nailed the branded, vegetable personification, earning Kevin a spot in a few “top ads of 2016” lists.

Well, Aldi brought the carrot cutie back and we are delighted. Now, we see him falling head over leaf for another tabled, fabled carrot, rescuing her like any good-natured vegetable would. The spot also references several movies, like “Titanic” and “The Bodyguard.” 

Will Kevin win the heart of his carrot counterpart?


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