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What About Your About Page?


Oatly About UsYour About Us page isn’t just a parking spot for your boilerplate copy. In fact, users rank it as the second-most important element on a site behind contact information. The most engaging About Us pages stay true to the brand’s tone and share these key elements in common:

The why. This is your opportunity to share your mission with consumers who are hungry to support brands that align with their values. What problem—macro or micro—is your brand committed to solving? Why does your brand exist?

The how. Your About page is not the place for corporate speak, so “execute” somewhere else. Users are here to learn exactly how you’re going to make their life better. Use clear, customer-focused language to pitch what you’re selling.

The when and where. Storytelling facilitates connection. Share your brand’s humble beginnings, origin story, inspiring impetus. When did all begin? And where are you headed?

The who. When it’s appropriate, sharing headshots and bios of the key players on your team can build trust with consumers who increasingly value brand transparency.

The what now? Don’t forget the obvious. Your About page should include a call-to-action to drive users to back to your services and products, blog content, newsletter, etc.

Moleskin Manifesto

Check out Search Engine Land for a full list of gold-star About Us examples.


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