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What Are the Main Drivers of Brand Trust?

There are a lot of reasons that consumers trust and love a brand. In 2021, here are the biggie bigs that keep your customers coming back to you. Some of them are pretty obvious, some might make you wanna shift your strategy.

Brand Trust Drivers:

  • Privacy, people! Respect and protection for users’ personal data.
  • Good value and high quality, duh, but we’ve been seeing more and more importance on products being exactly as advertised (and even more brands being sued if that’s not the case).
  • Positive customer experiences, especially in tough times.
  • Reliability and responsiveness when customers are in need.

Brand Trust Breakers:

  • So take it in the opposite direction. If a brand had a data breach that compromised personal information. 
  • Let’s get ethical, ethical. Responsibility to the environment is a big deal. Consumers have a hard time trusting brands that disrespect Mother Earth.
  • And another duh: bad customer service.

Now, trust is a delicate thing. A quarter of consumers from Marketing Charts’ survey sample can feel very strongly about never using a brand again, while another quarter will consider it someday. Marketing Charts asked all the big Q’s here, check out the full deets in their article.


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