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What are UTM Codes?

If you don’t know, now you know! UTM codes are custom URLs that can marketers use to accurately track the performance of a campaign. UTMs track these 5 parameters:

  1. Source: The website, publication, or advertiser that is sending traffic to your site. For example, you could add a UTM code to your Twitter bio to track the traffic it refers.
  2. Medium: The type of channel driving the traffic, such as PPC, organic search, paid social, organic social, and email.
  3. Campaign: The specific campaign, promotion, or sale that your link represents.
  4. Term: The target keyword driving traffic to your site.
  5. Content: The specific content, such as multiple CTAs, that a user can click on within the same campaign.

These parameters can help you track your referrals, optimize your bidding strategy, and measure the success of your campaigns. Get a closer look at UTM codes over at Semrush.


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