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What are You “Supposed” to Post on Instagram Stories?

Stories are great because they can be delivered to users in a different way and algorithm than the regular post feed. But what content can you be putting out on your stories to use them to the best of their ability?

We’ll break that down, but let’s start with the different types of posts and their uses:

  • Reels for reach! You’re more likely to reach people from discovering your reels content
  • Carousel for educational content! These are often used to explain or display, with a higher chance of being saved for later.
  • Stories for staying top of mind! As we mentioned, it’s a different feed users are following and it’s current.

Note: There are always exceptions to these “rules.” When you notice some sort of content working for you, keep it up!

Katie Steckly is an Instagram entrepreneur that has a great educational YouTube for creators and businesses looking for help on content creation in the great, big, complicated digital world. From her experience, here are some ideas for Instagram stories:

  1. Mini Training – Educate your audience by providing short QAs, 3-5 how-to slides, and quick tricks. Get started by thinking of the frequent questions you might get as a brand.
  2. Stories…on Your Story – Entertain your audience by either recapping something or going live. Going live can be tricky if you’re unprepared or uncomfortable, but people enjoy seeing something in real-time. Plus, Instagram will notify your audience of when you go live.
  3. Inspo! – Another layer of entertainment you can use stories for is a transformation or ideas stemming from a question you asked your audience earlier.
  4. Stories for Highlights – Brands can use the Highlights section of Instagram to showcase features or past how-to’s. Think of what stories you can make to use for Highlights.

Check out Katie’s full video for all the examples and details for the types of stories listed here. And as a bonus, she has an additional video with 5 specific story ideas for businesses.


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