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What Gets You Guys to Open Emails and Click on Them

Whoa, it has been a wild year for the Daily Carnage. We’ve written somewhere around 125,000 words, which, according to Google, works out to be about a 450-page book. Who wouldn’t wanna read that book?

Today, we’re taking the time to give y’all some insight into our top opened emails and what links were clicked on the most.

Here are our top open rates, their subject lines, and why we think they worked:

  1. Google DGAF: 36.66% – We’re thinking this one is because we dropped Google’s name into the subject line. It also created some intrigue because y’all might’ve wanted to know what they Didn’t Give a F*** about.
  2. Go FCC Yourself: 35.51% – This one was topical and timely. We used it on Net Neutrality Day (lotta good that did).
  3. We Trusted You, Facebook: 35.04% – Another one that used a big brand and created intrigue. Who wouldn’t want to know what FB did to lose our trust?
  4. Save the Drama for Your Llama: 33.99% – Literally no idea. Y’all like rhyming and llamas?
  5. Marketers: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: 33.92% – Intrigue struck again! Why can’t we have nice things?

And now for our most clicked links. These ones got all the clicks:

  1. Unbounce’s landing page conversion report. Guess you guys like conversion rate optimization.
  2. Search Engine Journal’s 2018 marketing calendar. Y’all also really wanted to know when National Taco Day 2018 is.
  3. The catchiest jingle in the world: Dumb Ways to Die. It’s from the most effective safety ad campaign ever.
  4. Oh hey! Our Facebook Group! You guys love our group and we do too! Closing in on 1,000 members in it.
  5. Signs.com’s hilarious “Branded in Memory” campaign. Laugh as people try to draw famous brand logos from memory.

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