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What is a Content Experience?

Content experience is basically how your audience consumes and interacts with your content.

Content is at the center of digital marketing in 2018. It almost doesn’t matter what area you work in, content is going to come into play at some point.

We all know the importance of creating amazing content. Not gonna go down that road today. The road we are traveling along today is the one of Content Experience.

On the surface, content experience is pretty straightforward. It’s basically how your audience consumes and interacts with your content. This experience is suuuuper important because a bad content experience on a well-written and researched piece of content could cause the content to fail.

So we wanna know: have you ever thought about how your audience experiences your content? If not, take a few minutes to do that now—seriously, stop reading this email and do it right now. Start by asking these 5 questions about your content:

  • Did you find what you were looking for easily?
  • Was the content well presented? Was it in a format you like?
  • Was it generic? Or did you feel like the author was speaking directly to you?
  • Were you guided to another article you found useful?
  • Were there too many pop-ups? Was the article optimized for your device?

Okay, come back to us. Let’s break all of that into 3 components that are essential for a great experience:

  1. Environment. This is the design. Does your content look beautiful? Does it look professional? Is it presented in a way to keep the audience reading? These all really matter. Adobe reports that 38% of people will stop engaging with content if it’s unattractive. Yikes.
  2. Structure. You could also call this user experience. Is your content organized in a way that’s intuitive for your prospects? Are they able to find answers to their questions easily?
  3. Engagement. Is your content built in a way that boosts engagement? Do your CTAs tie into the content, or are they just generic? Personalizing your CTAs will improve engagement with the content, which will drive prospects, which will…well you see where we’re going with this.

If ya haven’t had enough content experience for one day, you know what to do ↓


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