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What Is a Marketing Approval Process? 4 Tips for Building One

Do you suppose the Baja Men ever found out who let the dogs out? What ever became of the dogs? It’s good to have some sort of system with pets. Knowing when they were last fed and who fed them ensures they’re never over or underfed. If the Baja Men only had some sort of process and allocated tasks, then they wouldn’t have had to ask the question in the first place.

Dogs aside, processes are important to implement for many scenarios. G2 has 4 tips for building a marketing approval process so you’ll never have to ask, “Who needs to sign off? Who, who, who, who who?”

A great marketing approval process will track conception, design, feedback, revisions, and everything pertaining to a marketing or design asset up to the point of launch. It should easily track feedback from your own team members, clients, and other stakeholders.

Identify key review stages and stakeholders. Outline who will be involved in the process and at what stage their involvement will begin. Having everyone involved at every single stage may not be necessary and could stall the whole project. Also, it’s important to be intentional about how many times your process will pass through to external stakeholders.

Align content sharing and access with key approval stages. Now is the time to ensure that only those associated with stage 1 approval will see the assets at stage 1. You don’t want anyone to jump the gun since it will only complicate your process. Create a simple checklist for people associated with the stages to simply check whether or not they approve and provide any relevant notes.

Implement guardrails to prevent feedback creep. Creating a realistic timeline you can stick to will help keep the whole project on track. If you don’t set a deadline, then who knows when your project will ever finish up. Specify deadlines for each review stage. This allows everyone to see whose court the ball is in, and over time you’ll see where there may be bottlenecks in the process when deadlines go unmet.

Don’t miss the 4th tip.


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