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What is Experience Marketing?

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Who can offer a better experience? Many brands are so involved with optimizing the digital space that providing a thoughtful, in-person experience gets the back burner. This is a mistake.

Experience marketing (XM) creates raving fans. Leaving it out of your strategy is a loss of valued opportunity.

What is it exactly – A recent article by Digital Marketer talks about XM as getting, “customers familiar with a product and create a stronger relationship between the customer and the brand.”

We covered the what and why; let’s dive into the how…

Ready to get serious about XM in 2020? Ask yourself this – How can my brand offer a memorable experience worth sharing?

To answer that question you have to listen to your audience. Something you believe as the coolest thing since sliced bread may be perceived as moldy bread to your fans. Get started by honing in on the senses:

  • Sight: What do your customers want to see?

Ex: Ikea’s customers want to put their feet up on every couch to find the one that’s Goldey Locks approved.

  • Sound: What do your customers want to hear?

Ex: Apple fans don’t want to hear from just anyone at keynote events. They want the big guns, Tim Cook.

  • Smell: What do your customers want to smell?

Ex: Frienatics (aka crazy fans of Friends) want to sit on the famous orange couch and inhale the coffee aromas with Rachel, Monica, Joey, Pheobe, Chandler, and Ross at Central Perk.

  • Touch: What do your customers want to touch?

Ex: Buying makeup is a risky business. Kylie Jenner’s customers want to test makeup products to see what suits their skin tone best.

  • Taste: What do your customers want to taste?

Ex: Okay, Central Perk is getting this one too. Come on, of course, you gotta taste the coffee.

We’re going to add one more example here (and a tiny, shameless plug) – Our very own Daily Carnage newsletter. We dove headfirst into experience marketing with the Yearly Carnage. We knew our fans wanted to hear real experiences from real marketers, and that’s what we deliver.


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