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What the .Gif?

We’re getting freaky on a Friday, y’all. No, but for real, today’s Watch is fully ~out there~.

Apparently the .gif site (and our one true love), Giphy recently launched a new form of visual commentary — stickers. While we wish they were gif stickers you could stick to your laptop, these are more of a tool that, when activated, let users drag and drop stickers anywhere on a mobile or desktop page.

To promote a tool with this much personality and free range, you gotta create an equally bananas commercial, right?

As if you’re watching a caffeinated teen channel surf, the ad spot takes you through countless scenes reminiscent of old commercials on Nickelodeon and MTV — some filled with memorabilia and pop-culture references from past decades.

All the while, Giphy’s stickers bounce and girate around the screen. It’s a real clustercuss. It looks exactly like something Giphy would make.


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