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What You Need to Know About Video Ads

Video is the format of the minute on Facebook. It’s the post type that gets the most organic reach. And, video ads on the platform perform aaa…mazingly.

Okay, so what should you know about video ads on Facebook and Instagram? Today’s Listen answers the question. This one was submitted by Sandra Rand at OrionCKB.

Key takeaways and time stamps:

  1. You should be reviewing your mix of Facebook and Instagram. For some ads, you’ll see them performing well on both platforms, but there are instances where the same ad doesn’t perform well on the other platform (8:40).
  2. Users are still getting used to ads on Instagram (they’re still a new thing on that platform) so take this into consideration when creating video ads for the ‘gram (10:21).
  3. You don’t need a huge budget with expensive production to get video ads up and running (11:10).
  4. Keep your ads under 30-seconds so that they auto-loop (13:57).
  5. Use the same “always be testing” approach that you use on static ads (21:22).

There’s a ton more that we couldn’t fit in this summary. Help out Sandra and her team by listening to this killer 25-minute podcast.

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