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When to Use Fast vs. Slow Ads

In a series of 4 experiments, scientists were able to reveal something incredible about how we perceive advertising:

Slow ads are effective for highlighting product benefits and quality. People rated a benefit-focused metronome ad 32.8% higher when the metronome hit 30 beats per minute vs. 60 bpm.

Fast ads are effective for highlighting product features and price. People rated a price-focused camera ad 24.7% higher when the ad was sped up to 15 seconds rather than slowed down to 45 seconds.

Ariyh Slow vs Fast Ads
Credit: Ariyh

Why? We tend to perceive objects moving slowly as further away, and we judge them in more abstract terms (think: the why of a product). Conversely, when something appears to move fast, it feels closer to us, and we’re more likely to judge it in more practical terms (think: the how of a product). Plus, we’re simply quicker at assessing a good deal (price) than we are at parsing how a product might improve our lives.

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