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Who Runs the World?


Well, they do at least in Sally Hansen’s latest, and first global, ad campaign. The dream is realized by fully flipping the script and sticking gender roles where the sun don’t shine. For instance, a female politician has to answer the question: “How do you plan to deal with the issue of equal pay for men?”

Part of the company’s rebranding, the campaign was inspired by Sally Hansen herself, a 1940s entrepreneur, and shares a “vision of a world made by and for self-made women.” The campaign features several real-life self-made CEOs, business leaders, bloggers, advocates, and athletes, like Cynthia Andrew, Sarah-Jane Adams, and founder of Ladies Get Paid, Claire Wasserman.

Though female empowerment is no laughing matter, the campaign chooses to use tongue-in-cheek humor. Sure, it’s exaggerated. Sure, it’s not perfect. Sure, there is product placement everywhere (see: painted nails aplenty). But, a world where gender norms don’t exist? That’s a vision we can get behind.


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