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Whopper Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been repealed, which is bad news for marketers, but there is still some hope that it can be saved. And Burger King is leading the charge.

What? Burger…King? Like, the restaurant that makes Whoppers? YUP! The crowned hamburger is doing what it can to save Net Neutrality by repealing Whopper Neutrality. Their repeal means that customers either have to pay more to get their Whoppers now, or pay less and wait up to 15-minutes for it.

BK recorded their customers’ reactions, and as expected, no one was happy about having to pay $26 to get a Whopper now. Get ready to watch some fast-food freakouts.

All in all, this Whopper Neutrality ad is a deliciously simple explanation of how the Net Neutrality repeal will affect the average American.


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