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Why Good Organization Is Good Strategy

A journalist and a marketer’s work are not normally recognized together. It stems from the ability manage your marketing strategy in an organized manner.

“Marketer’s need to think like journalists”

Now, hold up! Are you sayin’ that on top of marketing info, we gotta step into journalists shoes too? Y’all are trippin’. We have about a dozen ads to create, blogs to write, customers to engage with, and a never-ending day of meetings.

Breathe deep, Carnage crew. It’ll all make sense.

CoSchedule’s Nathan Ellering definitely dropped some knowledge today. A journalist’s and a marketer’s work are not normally recognized together. But in this case, we see his point. This podcast runs with the idea of managing your marketing strategy like a journalist. Which basically means, “be organized.” And we have the low down for ya.

Organizational mastermind, Lindsay Scarpello, join’s Nathan to discuss tools and benefits of:

  • Reaching better time management
  • Deciphering data and presenting it in a digestible way
  • Implementing the right tools to maximize time

For your convenience, as always, here are the time stamps for the podcast:

  • (01:40) Lindsay’s role at OBI Creative, a research and communications advertising agency
  • (04:25) Lindsay’s employment background in journalism and marketing. The ability to prepare and write content that works well is key.
  • (07:05) Top organizational skills needed for success in the marketing world.
  • (08:45) How Lindsay handles time management. You can’t miss deadlines and must be willing to hustle.
  • (10:15) Lindsay plans ahead to stay organized with her time. How organization skills boost productivity.
  • (12:00) An organized mindset.
  • (13:20) Why finding a process is important? Build a foundation of organizational skills to boost results and be an investment.
  • (14:40) How to plan a process or workflow. Be aware of what’s going on by using To Do list apps, notebook, or other tools.
  • (16:45) How do you plan 3 months in advance? Using the rules of marketing.
  • (18:23) Successful content: build trust with customers through education and high-quality content.
  • (19:40) Be tech savvy and have a working knowledge of all Microsoft Office programs.
  • (21:25) Where you can start in order to get organized today. Know how your brain works and your company’s goals.

If ya wanna listen to the whole thing, smash the button below!


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