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Why It’s Essential to Put Strategy Before Tactics

Marketers often think that strategy and tactics go hand-in-hand, but we know that doesn’t amount to very solid marketing strategy. It’s easy to get caught up in shiny new tools and tactics—especially when you Google “marketing strategies” and the search engine brings up 15 sources that are nothing but tactics.

Today’s Listen is here to change that mindset with ways to build a strong strategic foundation first and foremost. And let’s not forget, “The greatest source of lead generation is a happy customer.”

  • (01:00) What marketing strategy is and what it is not
  • (02:20) How to build a strategic foundation first
  • (02:25) Understanding your ideal client
  • (02:48) What it means to have a “brand promise”
  • (03:15) Why it’s crucial to build supporting identity elements after you establish your core message.
  • (03:40) How you’re going to guide the customer journey – “not our job to corral or create demand but to be around and organize the behavior that the buyer actually wants to participate in”
  • (06:00) How to map out your most profitable clients and what characteristics they have
  • (06:40) Clients are often profitable because they had the right problem
  • (07:00) You get to choose your clients, but not unless you don’t know who they are
  • (07:50) Why you shouldn’t pick clients because you can, but pick clients because they’re good fits
  • (08:20) Why nobody wants what you sell
  • (10:10) The value of Google reviews
  • (11:45) Content as the voice of strategy
  • (12:35) Why content is so nurturing
  • (13:00) Once you start producing content, use it as a referral tool
  • (14:15) The idea behind the “marketing hourglass”
  • (16:00) Why marketing doesn’t end with “Yes, I want to buy.”

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