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Why social commerce will rule social media in 2020

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The end of 2019 is looming over all of our heads. Only 6 days left to consume all there is to know about what to expect in 2020. It’s a ritual all marketers deal with. And we’re no exception.

One big trend that just scratched the surface in 2019 is social commerce. Facebook Marketplace, Pinterest’s Buyable Pin, Instagram’s Shoppable tags and other platforms are getting into the game of selling products through social media.

We love the potential of social commerce and Buffer must think so too. In their latest article, Buffer shares how to get started with social commerce in 2020.

1. Focus on your best, lowest-cost products. Here’s the thing, consumers go on social media to be social. Sure, they could be in a buying mood. But the key is not to make folks think too hard. Buying furniture like a couch is a big decision, but if you hit people up on social with a throw or pillows first that’s an easier catch.

2. Get the right tools at your disposal. Buffer gives two great tools here – ManyChat and Jumper.ai. Use ManyChat to collect and convert leads. Jumper.ai is an integration that helps with social commerce experience. Social platforms will surely continue building out different e-commerce features too.

3. Partner with influencers and encourage your community to share your products. This one is pretty straight forward. The great thing about social commerce is its shareability. Make sure you leverage this potential with influencers and communities similar to your ideal audience.

4. Measure your strategy. Your goal with social commerce is to get folks to whip out their cards and buy. You need to be able to track that progress because nothing matters unless you can prove the results.

Smash the button to check out the blog. If your brand has physical products, you’re going to want to read up on social commerce.



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