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Why You Must Increase Your Negative Reviews

Come again?

The title of today’s Listen might seem a little misleading, but it’s not wrong. That’s the lesson Jay Baer teaches in his new book, Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers.

He sat down with the host of Duct Tape Marketing to discuss customer service, the nature of complaints in today’s market, and the basics of improving your customer retention. Big takeaway: nudging customers to complain can actually be extremely beneficial. (But that doesn’t mean being awful so customers complain.)

Don’t forget to hug your haters ~

  • (00:50) What it means now that the friction to complain has been wiped away
  • (01:400 Buyers more aggressive—80% of companies say that they deliver superior customer service, but only 8% of their customers actually agree. Ice cold.
  • (03:00) What it means to say customer service is now a “spectator sport”
  • (03:20) Why you should use customer service as a competitive advantage
  • (04:10) Did you know: answering just one person’s complaint “can increase customer advocacy by 25%?”
  • (05:05) What it means when Jay says “a lack of response is a response”
  • (06:00) Fun fact: 500 billion spent on marketing, but only 9 billion spent on customer service… That explains a lot…  
  • (07:55) Why over-communication is a myth
  • (09:30) Common reasons people ignore customer service
  • (10:05) What happens to your brain psychologically when you’re confronted with negativity
  • (12:45) Why customer service should be “institutionalized”
  • (15:10) What is says about people who blame the customer
  • (16:35) Jay’s rule of never replying to a customer online more than twice
  • (17:35) You should hug everybody, but you can’t successfully hug everybody
  • (19:20) Why you mustn’t forget that a customer might not be lying, they might just not have all the info
  • (20:05) How to ensure you’re hearing all of the mentions of your company and addressing all of the complaints/reviews
  • (20:15) How negative feedback affects your mindset as a business owner
  • (21:50) Why nudging customers to complain can be extremely beneficial, and how to do so

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