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Why You Should Invest in Branded Keywords (Even if You Rank #1 for Them)

Marketers spin their wheels to stay ahead of the SEO game. It’s a good feeling when the work pays off and your brand ranks No. 1 for a keyword. But what do you do when you get there? According to Search Engine Land, you have to keep that investment going. Why do you need to get ahead if you’re already ahead?

Here are the top reasons why brands should remain invested in their brand keywords:

  1. SERP Authority: Dominate SERPs with PPC in addition to your top ranking. Search ads take out competition from this prime real estate.
  2. Auction Dynamics: This is the most straightforward reason to keep up with brand search keywords. Because of changes in auctions, you may find that brand investment yields higher conversions than non-branded keywords. Work with your analytics teams to show how any shifts in investment impact total traffic to the site.
  3. Meet the Customer Where They Search: People searching for your brands seek additional information about your brand. That means they are telling you what they are interested in learning more about. Invest in those search queries for your brand to give these engaged users the best possible search results.
  4. Messaging Autonomy: To establish SERP authority, you need a catered message that shows prominently at the top of the page. PPC provides an opportunity to customize the message, based on known attributes of the user.

Check out the full article by Search Engine Land for all the details PLUS how to explain this tactic to clients.


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