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Why You Should Reuse Your Social Content

Every since content was crowned king, brands have generated high-quality, evergreen social content on the daily. There’s no doubt that the digital environment favors the fresh. But when it comes to your most engaging organic posts, what’s so wrong with a rinse and repeat?

Here are 5 reasons to pull some top performing posts back out of your colossal archive:

  1. Your audience hasn’t even seen your content. Sorry. Between 68 and 88 percent of your audience never saw that glossy carousel or joke tweet. It might just gain more traction and favor the second time around.
  2. Everyone wants to hear your greatest hits. There’s a reason those posts did numbers. They likely appealed to an emotion, nostalgia, or irony—and they will again. Really good social content that sticks in people’s memories has the potential to become iconic.
  3. Everyone deserves a second chance. We all have that one tweet that should have went viral but was DOA for no apparent reason. Trust your instinct and see if it lands this time.
  4. Put a little twist on it. Maybe your TikTok didn’t perform well because the first 5 seconds didn’t stop people in their tracks. Test out a new intro, bigger screen text, or a new headline to give it another shot.
  5. You’ll lighten the load on your social managers. Enough said.

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