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Why You Should Work With a Nano Influencer

What’s a nano influencer? A creator with 1,000 to 10,000 followers that will run you about $10 to $100 per sponsored post.

Here’s why brands should consider working with them:

  1. Nano influencers are budget-friendly. They’re just starting out, so they’re more accessible to small businesses and startups, and they’re more likely to work in exchange for free products or services.
  2. Nano influencers have niche audiences. Their small following is appealing to brands looking to target a specific demographic.
  3. Nano influencers have high engagement rates—averaging at 4% across platforms, higher than larger influencers.
  4. Nano influencers are authentic. They’re less curated and subsequently perceived as more trustworthy than polished influencers working with big brands. In essence, they’re still relatable to the average social media user, which means their recommendations are taken seriously.

Check out Entrepreneur’s tips for finding the right nano influencer for your brand.


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