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Why Your Company Needs to Be Creating Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words and there are 24 frames in a video per second, that’s, like, a lot of words in a 1-second video.

The point we’re making is that video is *it* right now, and today’s Listen is here to tell you how to seize it.  

Among other things, the hosts cover:

  • Why every company needs to be producing video
  • YouTube and Facebook as the best video platforms since they’re already video-centric — don’t reinvent the reel (terrible pun, sorrynotsorry)
  • Red Bull & GoPro do video amazingly well because their content is 100% paired with what their audience is doing and what they care about (this one’s a really important lesson for anyone considering video)

The biggest hits come toward the end of this podcast. To really get the most out of video you need to:

  • (21:10) Upload videos to Facebook natively versus sharing a video link.
  • (22:08) Start with a bang. You need to capture your audience’s attention in 3 seconds or less.
  • (22:45) Think about the thumbnails. The thumbnail is really what gets someone to watch your content.
  • (23:37) Use closed captions and/or subtitles. As many as 85% of people on Facebook watch content without sound. 

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