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You Better Bear-ware…

Remember back in October when we were all about featuring horror ads? Well, we just found another one from TurboTax because what’s scarier than tax season?!?! 

We love a good horror ad and this is one one of the darkest, most terrifying ads we’ve ever seen. It opens with a woman trapped in a closet as dramatic music plays. You can tell something is getting closer and closer… until finally, the closet door flies open and… 

Spoiler Alert:

….Okay fine, it’s a tiny dancing teddy bear! In fact, it’s probably the cutest little bear to ever grace an advertisement. His adorable dance lasts for about 30 seconds and then the ad ends with the tagline, “There’s nothing to be afraid of”— an obvious nod to the common fear of doing your taxes. Well played, TurboTax, well played. 


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