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Your Conversion Tracking is About to Break

Google has begun the process of phasing out third-party cookies, which will conclude in the back half of 2024.

Your conversion tracking is going to break soon. Your results will suffer, the algorithm won’t be able to learn and predict accurately, and your budget will be spent inefficiently.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Implement Advanced Consent Mode V2, especially if you’re subject to EEA regulations. Google will use Conversion Modeling to recover lost conversions by users who don’t consent to ads cookies, so you can keep building your audience. Do this before March if you’re in Europe.
  2. Implement Enhanced Conversions. Use enhanced conversions for web and for leads to recover conversions you would have missed for uplifts between 5 and 25 percent.
  3. Implement Server-Side Tracking. This will prevent data loss due to ad blockers, cookie restrictions, and browser limitations. Plus, it will improve tracking accuracy, page load times, and UX.

Check out The PPC Edge for the full scoop.


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