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Your QA Checklist Before Launching Any Email

Quality assurance isn’t the sexiest part of marketing, but it is essential. Especially when it comes to emails where there is no Command + Z or revisions.

Luckily, Litmus exists for the rookies and the veterans alike to check their emails for goofs. They have a nifty downloadable checklist for you and your team to double and triple-check as part of your email process. Here are some things to ask yourself when it comes to your email before launch:

  • What’s the point? We’ll say it once, we’ll say it a million times. You gotta start with goals. It’s not enough to shoot your shot and see what happens, especially with the cost involved.
  • Did you check for spelling? Read it again. Just in case.
  • Who? Who? Who? If you have your list ready, great! But you better make sure they know who the email is coming from. Make sure your sender information is correct and reputable.
  • Did you check for spelling? Everyone makes typos, so get the robots like Grammarly to help out.
  • Does it work? This is a loaded question, but you have to check it across multiple email carriers and displays. So while it might work on desktop Apple Mail, it might get funky on mobile Outlook. And then of course it has to load quickly.
  • Does it glow in the dark? Dark mode email is becoming more and more popular and many brands are missing the mark for these design practices.
  • Did you check for spelling? Litmus doesn’t list spellcheck 3 times in their list, but they should. We’re no stranger to a stray misspelling and it’s a bummer when it happens.
  • Did you click it yourself? You know your QA is solid if you: Click. Every. Link. You might be surprised how many times you find a missed hyperlink.

Download the 29-item QA checklist for yourself from Litmus!


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