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YouTube SEO: 9 Actionable Tips for Ranking Videos

“MoOoOmmM! They’re doing it again.”

Yup, that’s right, today’s Listen is a video…again. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why the heck don’t they just use this video in the Watch section?”

Answer: Because.

Anyway, Brian Dean from Backlinko is an aaaaamazing SEO pro. Usually when you think of SEO, you just think of optimizing on Google, but Brian is an expert at Google SEO, Amazon SEO, YouTube SEO, basically all SEO. If a website has a search engine, he’s gonna help you figure out how to rank on that search engine.

Today he’s diving into YouTube SEO. There’s a good chance you’re going to be upping your video use in 2018 so it’s time to learn SEO on this platform.

  1. Front-load your keyword. YouTube puts more weight on words at the beginning of your title. If you’re doing a video about the 7 best tips for making cold brew coffee, you should structure your title to say: Cold Brew Coffee: My 7 Best Tips
  2. Boost video-engagement signals. Shares, likes, and comments are all ranking factors on YouTube. To get more of these, put a hyper-specific CTA at the end of your video. Stop just saying “subscribe to our channel.”
  3. Use the TAB formula for video tags. Only use a few keywords in your video tags. Use the Target keyword, then the Alternate keyword, and a Broad keyword.
  4. CTR magnet thumbnails. Whatnow? YouTube ranks videos by how many clicks they get on the search results page. Use a thumbnail that is strategically designed to get more clicks. There’s a ton in this section, jump straight to 6:03 for it.
  5. Write mini blog posts for the video description. The description really matters, don’t be lazy with it. Shoot for 100-200 words with the description.
  6. Use brackets and parentheses in your video title. Hubspot did a study that proved using brackets and parentheses in your titles can increase CTR by 38%.

Still 3 more tips, and they are dang good.


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