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YouTube Tests 6 New Shorts Features

YouTube has introduced new creator tools to help you harness the energy of a platform with over 2B logged-in monthly users—and to keep up with TikTok and Reels. Check it out:

  1. Collab: The Collab feature lets you record a Short in a split-screen format with other videos (like a Duet).
  2. Effects and Stickers: Try dozens of new Shorts effects and stickers, like “Q&A,” which lets you collect answers to a question directly in your comments.
  3. Go Live: YouTube is currently testing a mobile-first vertical live experience that will be mixed in to the Shorts feed for maximum discoverability.
  4. Suggestions: This new feature bundles the audio and effect from a Short so you can quickly recreate and remix trends.
  5. Playlists: You can save Shorts to playlists right on YouTube, which is handy if you want to bookmark effects for future use, too.
  6. Recomposition: YouTube is testing features that will let you transform horizontal videos into Shorts by adjusting the layout, zoom, and crop of video segments.

Find out more about these new features and when they’ll be rolled out at YouTube.


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