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You’ve Got Questions, Perpetual Traffic Has Answers

The problem with digital marketing is that there are almost too many questions that need answers. Questions like, what’s the best way to build an advertising audience? What should I be testing when running an A/B test? How do I constantly come up with content ideas? We can keep going with these…

That’s where today’s Listen fits in. It’s from one of our favs—Perpetual Traffic. In this episode, they answer 10 of the most common digital marketing questions. Even if you’re a digital marketing pro with all the answers, you can learn something from this one.

Show notes and timestamps right here:

  • (2:10) Should content development come before paid traffic? Nope! You can definitely be successful in driving traffic to your website without having content.
  • (6:27) What should be your priority with A/B testing? It depends on what will make the biggest difference with your ad campaign. Hint: It’s likely not the color of the image. Instead, test the offer, drastically different ad copy, and the ad targeting.
  • (9:10) Should you use multiple lookalike audiences in one ad set?
  • (10:33) Is straight up buying leads a good strategy? Nah, fam. Come on. We’re a little shocked that DigitalMarketer isn’t against this approach.
  • (11:22) What is your daily checklist for monitoring and optimizing Facebook campaigns?
  • (13:08) Quit chasing “hacks.” Hacks are just a way to cheat yourself. You need to take the time to learn marketing. If you are good at marketing basics, you’ll be able to stay relevant no matter what happens in marketing.
  • (15:46) How can a small business run retargeting ads that convert? If retargeting ads aren’t working, you’re either targeting the wrong audience or giving them the wrong offer.
  • (17:34) What’s going to be the next big platform? As Facebook gets more saturated, it will get more expensive so what’s next? Hard to say, it’s going to depend on what gets the most users. Right now, Facebook, YouTube, and Google dominate and they will continue to dominate.

More to learn in today’s Listen.


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