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3 Data-Backed Instagram Trends for Your 2019 Strategy [New Research]

Don’t you wanna meet whoever decided that “Croc Socks” needed to exist and ask them WHY??? (We can’t make this up. They really exist.)

On a note about trends you actually care about, here’s a breakdown of Instagram trends that really work. Shoutout to Quintly for doing the data-backed research that we didn’t know we needed until now.

As you gear up to plan your Instagram strategy for 2019, make sure you go at it with these data-backed facts in mind.

  1. The Future Is Video.

This probably isn’t so shocking, TBH. Buuut, what’s interesting is accounts with more followers seem to post more video content. AKA, it might be worth testing more video content to see if there’s an increase in your following and engagement.

Here’s another fun fact: there are only 16.7% of users posting video content, sooo this is most definitely a trend you want to keep in mind to stand out and get 👏 those 👏 likes 👏

  1. “What’s in an emoji? That which we call a rose…” 🌹

That’s how the quote goes, right? If you love emojis in your personal conversations, (like the ever-popular 😂😍😬😏) doesn’t it make sense to include them in your business strategy as well?

The data says: heck yeah! Using 1-3 emojis in your content can lead to more interactions with your content. Why? Well, it helps promote more emotion in your audience and makes your business seem more approachable.

Isn’t this fun? There’s one more strategy you gotta know today.

A Simple (But Effective) 31‐Point SEO Checklist for 2018

Things you hate: SEO. ❌

Things you love: traffic to your website. 💯

So yes, not many people like SEO, but it’s really freakin’ important. Tune in as we cover this SEO checklist from Ahref’s.

We’re covering the easy ones here, but read the full piece for the nitty-gritty details…

1) Install an SEO Plug-In.

If the technical SEO stuff is daunting, here’s how to make it less daunting: install Yoast SEO or something similar. From creating sitemaps to optimizing data, this easy plug-in will help make the complicated stuff less complicated for ya. We truly love Yoast for easily writing meta-descriptions and making sure your pages are fully optimized.

(Hint: this is best if you’re using WordPress.)

2) Create a Map.

A Sitemap, that is. This will tell search engines where to find the most important content on your website. You can prob find yours at: yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml. Or, just use this tool to see if your sitemap exists and if it’s up to date.

3) Use Google Analytics.

One of the most important tools for SEO, since most site searches happen via Google. Simply copy and paste the tracking code into your website to track your visitors.

4) Use Google Search Console.

Speaking of Google, this is another tool you need if you want to make your SEO skyrocket. You’re able to track your search performance and see which keywords you rank for.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also see on-site improvements you can make.

If you didn’t know already, the SEO checklist continues below…

Business Bear Gets Custom Clothes

Do some of y’all ever feel like a big ol’ grizzly bear at work? It gets particularly bad when we run out of coffee in the office, but the grizzly definitely comes out when our clothes just don’t fit right.

MTailor just released an ad that’s incredibly relatable and paired with some good humor. Give it a watch!

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.”

Guy Kawasaki

Ads from the Past

There’s something about a motorcycle that just screams freedom, cool, and classic. Amirite? We mean come on, The Fonz had one and he was like the king of cool. This Harley Davidson ad came out in 1967


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