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That was fast.

plus – rank higher in search with images, record your own calls, and Ryan Reynolds

Be in the Know

How to Use Images to Increase Search Visibility

Fact: Search is becoming more visual.

Why it matters?

There’s a great opportunity to build organic visibility using images and, in turn, show up higher in search results.

Ok, how do I use images in search? Follow these 3 tips.

  • Have an image mindset: “Because images naturally draw the human eye, visual content becomes an organic search competitive advantage. A search snippet with an image is more likely to be clicked than a text-only snippet.” If you want to generate visual search snippets in Google, we recommend checking out Google’s guidelines here.
  • Get your images featured: Featured snippets are a format that is supposed to provide users with a concise, direct answer to their questions – right on the search results page, without users having to click through to a specific result. If you’re trying to get your images featured, we recommend checking out a keyword search tool like Ahrefs to identify featured snippet opportunities. If a featured snippet article is featured, but doesn’t have an optimized image, Google will likely pick an image from a different site. Takeaway: optimize your images.
  • Promote with consistent imagery: Your imagery should stay consistent across channels and re-targeting opportunities. We’re visual creatures. If an image from a Google search leads to a click, you’re much more likely to engage if you see that same image again.

Smash that button below to dive in deeper to image search.

Record It

Ever wish you had that call recorded? Whether you’re prospecting, onboarding, selling, or training, sometimes it’s helpful to have a conversation to refer back to.

Check out Your Call Recorder. It’s free.

Disclaimer: We’ve not personally tried this, but it looks pretty cool.

*Please mind your state recording laws.*

The RR Effect

Will Ferrell was thrown off his game hosting SNL.


Ryan Reynolds was in the audience. Enjoy.

Facebook Question of the Day

Betsy says, “Has anyone shut down their social media accounts temporarily after a PR issue? I’m dealing with a lot of negative comments on my company’s Facebook page and bad Tweets (where people are now tweet-harassing our clients and partners we’ve @’d). I don’t want to moderate anything on Facebook for fear that the posters will come back 5-fold. Any advice?”

Ads from the Past

As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.
Jonathan Lister


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