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3 Lessons from Big-Brand Fails

What do United, Pepsi, and Nivea all have in common?

Lessons Learned While Working at Google

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan and Stephanie Tilenius, both founders of flourishing start-ups, each had stints at Google. They both say that working for the tech giant contributed to their success.

It wasn’t simply the innovative office environment that inspired them. (Google does have a rock climbing wall and scooters for on-site transportation, along with many other campus perks.) It was the thought processes, unique product development, and free flow of information within the company.

They spoke with CBNC and shared five lessons they took from Mountain View, California to their very own businesses.

Heineken Dives Deep

Have you ever found yourself sharing a beer with a stranger, engaging in a surprisingly good conversation, only to later discover you come from totally separate worlds?

Was it the alcohol talking? Or was it simply going into a conversation free from preconceived ideas?

Heineken decided to dive into the deep end of the drink with a little social/political experiment. They put some serious thought behind this one, unlike a certain unnamed non-alcoholic soft drink mentioned previously in this very email.

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.”
John Maxwell

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