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A little bit of Instagram in my life 🎶

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Winning Social Media Style Guide: 5 Steps to Implement

Are y’all looking forward to the 2020 summer Olympics in 2021? We sure are. Even if we only reeeally tune in for the opening and closing ceremonies. Gotta love all the matching uniforms to represent each nation. It’s the kind of uniformity brands strive for across different kinds of content. While we’ve got our fingers crossed 🤞for the games panning out this year, today Socialbakers is sharing 5 steps to implement a winning social media style guide so your channels can all truly represent your brand.

  • Define your brand voice and tone. Choose three or four adjectives to describe your ideal brand voice and tone. This will help influence your voice and tone without being all over the place. The voice is the way your brand talks and tone is the way voice is used to convey different meanings through messages. They’re closely related, but they’re not quite the same.
  • Align your social media profiles. If your brand isn’t unified across channels, then your audience may have trouble finding you. Keeping your logo as a common element is a simple way to tie your accounts back to your brand. Determine who runs each channel and assess which channels make sense for your brand. There are lots of social media platforms, so it might make more sense for you to only focus on a few of them.
  • Set your formatting guidelines. Certain best practices will apply to any brand. Make sure you illustrate the most important part of your message in the first sentence and keep the whole message concise. Be mindful of posting long links, and consider shortening links with Bitly. Include branded hashtags and even consistent use of emojis on Instagram to make each post unique to your brand.
  • Create your media guidelines. Social media sites have lots of crossover in the content types they showcase, but there are formats and size requirements that make them unique from each other. Determine which platforms you will use for different forms of media. Keep consistent elements such as brand colors, logos, and fonts. Best to stay away from stock images too. OG content for the win.

Go for the gold with mambo tip #5.


It takes a lot to make an app look good. And once you’ve got it down, you can only do so much to convey the feel of an app to an audience that has yet to download it. Rotato shows off your app on a variety of devices so you can give your audience a better idea of what you’ve built.

Whether you need some slick images for the App Store or you’re putting together some new marketing materials, this 3D mockup tool will shine. Apply screen recordings to devices you can rotate on your computer to capture the look and feel from all angles. See for yourself!

Sponsorship Opportunities

While people cheered for Kansas City and Tampa Bay last Sunday, marketers cheered for their favorite ad spots during commercial breaks. They weren’t all winners, but we sure saw some clever ads.

In case you missed the deadline to buy your own Super Bowl ad slot, we’ve got plenty of sponsorship opportunities in The Daily Carnage to spread your message.

Got a great new blog post? Super duper marketing tools? Trying to drive virtual event registration? You can include it in your favorite newsletter.

(Also, it’s not going to cost $5,000,000)

The Middle

No two people are the same. There may be great similarities, but you’ll never find a real clone of another person. We all have our differences, but these differences shouldn’t divide us.

Jeep brings us The Boss in this Super Bowl ad about finding common ground with one another. In such a divisive climate, it’s helpful to stay grounded with a mutual respect that will allow everyone to set aside differences and work toward common goals.

Ads from the Past

1957, Life Savers

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

Walter Landor


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