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A Trip to the Library

Structure your content like a library. Not a publication.

Your Blog Is Not a Publication

Have a problem? Google it. People Google things when they need answers and that’s where content comes in to play. As content marketers, we gotta provide the answers. We’re leaning on the pros at Animalz for this one.

The traditional “my blog is a publication” approach is wildly problematic. Mainly because timeliness is highly prioritized, content serves an audience, strict schedules, and is horizontally integrated. But, sadly, this is the norm.

Animalz recommends the library approach. What makes the library approach better? First, content is addressed by topic and depth. Second, and our fav reason, the blog becomes an evergreen catalog of easy-to-access info.

Things to consider with the Library approach…

1) Publication blogs feature a homepage with a reverse-chronological feed of posts. That might be the wrong way to go since older content gets lost.

A better approach: Lattice redesigned their blog to make it easier to feature content they want readers to see and allow content to be easily filtered by topic and type. When content can be accessed in fewer clicks, it’s easier for people and search engines to find it.

2) With the Library approach, content should the addressed from multiple angles for readers at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. But people don’t want to read about the same topic over and over again, right? Wrong.

When someone is trying to solve a problem they most likely aren’t going to stop after reading one blog.

For example, Top funnel pieces should provide info about the industry or category. For the middle, address search intent that correlates to product use cases. And write directly about the product for those bottom peeps.

3) Retain the current readers and continually add new people. Think of your audience as a different group of people each day. They are a continuous stream of people with a need to solve a problem. Cater to people who need help now!

Animalz goes into a TON more detail 👇

Fundamentals Are Essential for Content Success

Ah, the game of marketing. It’s a love-hate game, isn’t it? (Mostly love, some hate) We’d be lying if we didn’t want to scream into the abyss over content creation at least once a week…or once a day…or once an hour.

When it comes down to it, being able to actually play any game is ten times more important than looking the part. How do you make sure you look the part and can actually market successfully?

Boil things down to their fundamental truths

(AKA their “first principles.”) That’ll help you form your own way of thinking. Sorry to sound like Socrates here, but it’s the straight truth.

So, toss out those “hacks” and “tips and tricks,” and focus on the best principles instead of the best practices. At this point, you’re probs like, “Ummm, what???” Keep reading. We promise this makes sense.

Build your company – and your content – around the first principle of the problem you aim to solve and you’ll resonate more deeply with customers. This shows that you’re the expert of the problem and you also understand your consumers.

It’s basically like becoming BFFs with who you’re targeting and showing them that you get them while also building trust. If they start messaging you to go to happy hour after work, you’re probably doing something right.

Take it from a certifiable poo expert

Stick with us, this is a real-life example that makes sense. Suzy Batiz, CEO of Poo-Pourri (or Poo Executive Officer as she calls herself) found a common problem that many people face – the embarrassment of bathroom odor.

She created a solution that was different from what was currently on the market. What’s more, she marketed it differently. Batiz formed her marketing around the straight facts, from viral videos about people’s poo problems, to a book titled, “The Woo Of Poo.”

We’ve barely dug into this piece from fundamental master, Jay Acunzo. You’re gonna want to read this yourself…

The Cure for Pants-itis is Here

Do y’all have issues with waistline discomfort? Have you ever wondered why your legs looked dumb after putting on a pair of jeans? Do your tater tots feel all mashed? Alright, that last one is probs just a guy thing.

If you said yes to any of the questions above, you may have Pants-itis. Guys, this is serious. Thankfully, garment brand, Perry Ellis’ Savane has finally invented a cure! The commercial is refreshingly hilarious and has the vibes of a pharmaceutical ad.

It’s a cruel, cruel world. And it’s all because of pants.

“Content marketers see things. Collect data. Create content. But do you stop & think critically?”

Jay Acunzo

Ads from the Past

One thing we love about vintage ads is the amount of copy on them. Use that many words today, and no one would read it. Thermo-Fax dropped this one in 1958.


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